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Midtown Plaza, Cornwall Centre and 66 Slater Win KingSett Sustainability Awards

This year’s KingSett Sustainability Excellence Awards recognized three 20 VIC properties for their execution of efficient and innovative sustainable operation practices.

Midtown Plaza received 2016 KingSett Sustainability Excellence Innovation Award for their implemention and management of an office tower organic recycling program. The on-site food forest resulted in 32 fewer pick ups in 2016 and a savings of $5056 in fees.

Cornwall Centre achieved the highest reduction of both energy and water in 2016 for a retail property earning them the KingSett Sustainability Excellence Award – Energy Reduction (Retail) and the KingSett Sustainability Excellence Award – Water (Retail). Through on-site efforts, the building reduced its energy and water consumption by 14% and 6% respectively.

66 Slater was the recipient of the KingSett Sustainability Excellence Award – Energy Reduction Winner (Office). The site achieved the highest reduction in energy in 2016, reducing energy consumption by 13%.

The KingSett Sustainability Excellence Awards were launched in 2014 to reward property management for their significant contributions to KingSett’s sustainability programs and objectives.